10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

The Crooked Forest

Poland’s Crooked Forest has long beckoned visitors with a penchant for the unusual. Science suggests that the J-shaped trees that are growing within are an impossibility. Yet they’re here for all to see, even if a reason for their misshapen nature cannot be explained.

There are countless theories about the Crooked Forest, but so far none has been proven or disproven. Known to local people as Krzywy Las, the forest can be found in Poland’s western fringes, not far from the border with Germany. Some believe that invading tanks flattened young saplings during World War II, causing the recovering trees to take such a strange shape.

But others have blamed aliens, gravitational fluctuations, and the thick snowfall for which the region is renowned, all without evidence or a convincing argument. It’s possible that the truth is more mundane. Some claim the trees were manipulated by human hand to create tailor-made shapes for construction purposes.


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