20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

20 of the strangest disappearances of all time LP

Every year, millions of people disappear without explanation, and while many return, or are eventually found, some just appear to leave no trace. For the friends and loved ones left behind, this is obviously more than heartbreaking but some of these disappearances are just so bizarre they become infamous.

Sudden vanishings are intriguing – they leave us wondering what happened, and some people even think they might be able to find out. Ever wondered what happened to Virginia Dare, the infamous first child born on US soil, who vanished into thin air, along with her family? Or whether author Ambrose Bierce was really captured and executed amid the Mexican Revolution?

There are 1000’s of famous unsolved cases but we’ve put together our pick of the top 20 strangest disappearances that have never been solved – yet. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole and uncover the mystery of the world’s most baffling missing persons incidents – maybe you will be the one to find out the truth?


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