30 Chilling Locations Abandoned And Left To Decay

The Ghost Town Of Craco, Italy

The Ghost Town Of Craco, Italy

Perched high in the craggy hills of Matera, in spectacular southern Italy, Craco is a ghostly place. This was once a thriving town, its location boasting strategic defensive benefits during times of strife, but whilst hostile raiders struggled to penetrate its walls, Mother Nature had no such issues.

Straddling various fault-lines, Craco was flawed from the beginning. The town having long been abandoned, coming here is a creepy experience. Craco was evacuated in 1963 following a devastating landslide and, although some residents did return once the danger had passed, their days here were numbered. Following an earthquake in 1980, the town was abandoned entirely.

These days, it is a place of ancient tombs and crumbling stonework, a ghost town of decaying buildings and empty streets, where tourists are drawn, but few come alone. Thinking about paying a visit to Craco? Be prepared to be unnerved.


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